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Please don't msg me that the url is still chandler.ct8.pl ok?

I'm trans woman now!

Coded at thursday, 1st April of 2021 at 23:30

So it's true. I am transsexual. I feel really comfortable with this for the first time. Firstly, using mainly she/them pronouns made me feel good, but now being trans has made be feel extremely good. Goodbye Chandler, welcome your cutie Emily <3

Mental breakdowns aren't fun, kids

Coded at Tuesday, 31th March of 2021 at 13:41

One single mistake can make my life miserable, at anything. I should be able to handle this, but I can't. I might possibly need meds for depression and those breakdowns, but I cannot get myself to ask my parents, and I don't want my parents know about this, as they might laugh about it and/or blame computers for that (typical boomers). Let's just hope I'll pass my school to get a job and afford to move out and get some therapy, as I don't think I'll be walking on this world without them.

So, this is the beginning...

Coded at Tuesday, 30th March of 2021 at 23:

I'm quite excited to rely only on HTML just for those blog posts. Yeah it might be quite hard to navigate, but I might link seperate pages so you'll be able to get into one of the posts, I guess.